Standing Desk Health Benefits - 4 Tips to Stay Active at Work

#1 Implement Standing Desks

Desk jobs traditionally involve a lot of sitting, but these days more and more people are opting for a standing desk instead. These taller desks are intended to get you on your feet – at least some of the time. Even high-achieving companies have made the switch to standing desks a standard part of their office environment, and health benefits are one of the main reasons why.


#2 Improved Posture

Standing allows you to achieve better posture, mitigating muscle aches and strains that can distract you from getting into a productive workflow.


#3 Lower Risk Of Heart Disease

Sitting is so harmful for your heart that an hour of intense exercise does not make up for an entire day of sitting in your office.

18 studies of over 800,000 participants have confirmed that prolonged sedentary time has been calculated to increase the risk of heart disease by a whopping 147% compared to an active lifestyle.


#4 Increased Energy Levels

In one seven-week study, those using standing desks reported 87% more vigor and energy during the day. Compared to those at sitting desks. There are related findings showing that sedentary time increased the risk of both depression and anxiety.


How to choose the right sit stand desk?

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